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Lindy Lou is a Melbourne-based Animator and Illustrator. She grew up in Singapore, spending much time playing make-believe with her brothers and absorbing a substantial amounts of cartoons and films from the living room TV. She was primarily influenced by western cartoons and came to comics, manga and anime later in her teen years. Lindy began her art education in Singapore at Nanyang Polytechnic (1999-2002) before doing her Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia (2003) and Masters of Creative Media (2011-2012) in RMIT (Melbourne, Australia). She has had good working experience as an illustrator and animator in 2D and 3D animation companies (Eggstory, Viskatoons, Working Dog), as well as experience in assorted freelance jobs.

Lindy employs both traditional and digital mediums in her artwork, and strives to add on new knowledge to her repertoire. She believes that being caring, observant and having a listening ear is crucial in any creative endeavor. She loves a good story and is working to hone her storytelling and character development skills as she makes her way in the animation world.

She enjoys many kinds of tea, all kinds of animals and buying Art Supplies. ~(OmO~)

Resume | Little Details

Key Skills

  • Drawing & Painting
    (Traditional, Digital)
  • Pre-production
    (Research, Concept art, Storyboarding,
    Animatic, basic sound design)
  • Production
    (Creation of props, backgrounds, sets, effects)
  • 2D animation
    (Frame-by-Frame, Digital-puppets)
  • Post-production

Software Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • TVPaint
  • After Effects
  • Premier

Personal Attributes

  • Communication: Good listener who strives to get the clearest idea of a project's goals and needs.
  • Team Member: Able to work well with colleagues and be encouraging and caring in the process.
  • Adaptable: Willing to update skills in technology necessary for work, and willing to seek others for
    help and advice.
  • Flexible: Strives to find the best solution possible, and is also willing to ask for help and advice.
  • Dedicated: Will put in all effort and concentration to deal with project work.


Period School
2011 - 2012 RMIT University (Melbourne Australia)
Masters of Creative Media (School of Animation and Interactive Media)
2003 RMIT University (Melbourne Australia)
Bachelor of Arts, Multimedia (BAM)
1999 - 2002 Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore)
Diploma in Digital Media Design

Work Experience

Period Job
2015 - 2016
Sept - Feb
Working Dog
Worked with a lovely animation team on the company's first long-form animated TV series.
Did mainly 2D Character Animation and Lip syncing in After Effects using Puppets created by the project's Design team.
Created Pun Points. Unapologetically encouraged Dad Jokes.
Enjoyed getting to know and learning from fellow artists. Shared in many birthday cakes.
Nov - Dec
The Orchestra (Mikey Hill)
Created background character animation loop, in-between and clean-up animation.
Assisted in post-production compositing and rendering.
May - Jul
Worked in a large team to create educational 2D puppet animation series in Flash.
Created character animation according to storyboards and animatics provided.
Sept - Nov
Ink Tales (White Cat Press)
Illustrated one of eleven short stories in a tattoo themed comic anthology involving a variety of Australian artists and writers.
Created all concept art and production artwork based on script written by publisher Dale Maccanti.
Created 4 pieces of original artwork distributed during the comic book's launch.
Mar - May
Pacific Climate Animation (AbitofArgyBargy, EyeSpy Films)
Assisted Director and Lead Animator Jamie Clennett in the production of two educational short films.
Created animation assets (props, background animation loops, effects animation).
Created character animation using puppet tools in After Effects.
Compositing & Setting up Scenes for animation.
2012 - 2013
Sept - Feb
Pom Pon Plants (The Little Drummer Boy)
Conceptualised, illustrated and animated all assets for iPhone puzzle game
created and programmed by The Little Drummer Boy (LDB, Singapore).
Jul - Nov
Cthulhu (Student Film, RMIT)
Conceptualised, directed and animated graduation student film.
Sourced for volunteer clean-up animators and colourists,
coordinated work given to them and made sure standard of work was consistent.
Auditioned and selected voice talents to play variety of characters.
Worked with music and sound designers, Julian Langdon and Dan MacDonald,
thru connection with Victoria University.
2008 - 2009
Sept - Dec
Pre-production artist (Eggstory Creative Productions)
Involved in pre-production work (concept art, storyboarding, animatic, demo voice acting) and production work
(creating illustrations, texture painting, 2D animation) for assorted 3D and 2D animation projects.
Art Director in one 3D animation project.
Created pre-production artwork with direction from team leader and assistance from fellow concept artist.
Created production artwork and 2D animation required by production teams.
Worked with Team Leader to engage with Clients concerning direction
and approval of artwork during production process.
Communicated with modelling, animation and post-production team leaders at various points
to clarify information/direction or adjust and approve work.

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