Shorts | Small work and older work

Initiation Post-grad Minor Project

Cupcake Monster finds himself in deep trouble when he has to scare the unscarable...
or be eaten by his own kind! Will he survive???

Red Ball Loop

Based on an old nightmare about a billard ball that was so microscopically tiny it was easily squeezed inbetween
my fingers, and yet at the same time was so impossibly immense that my mind could not comprehend it.
It filled both time and space in such a strange and enormous way that it evoked a profound fear in my soul
I have not yet experienced while awake.

T.P. A love story

An old assignment. We were to create a non-figurative character and infuse it with personality thru acting.
I chose toilet paper, of course. Because there's always a story there.

Les Art Block A story in 200 drawings (more or less)

An old assignment. The Literal Art Block stands between the Artist and his finished work.

Cloud Control A collaborated stop-motion piece

The first assignment. Ah! Good memories! This was a collaborative work between me and two other animators.
It was a great lesson in brainstorming, listening to each other and finally actually working together.
I animated the Bunny. And we were all pretty chuffed when we figured out how to do the lightning at the end.

Home Alone humble beginnings

Why not include something from the absolutely distant past? It brings back fond memories of many challenges
I faced, both technical and mental, and reminds me that no good work and good story can be made alone.